The Ranching Brunette Podcast

"The podcast for aspiring first generation ranchers, by an aspiring first generation rancher...

with one goal in mind: Get America Ranching Again TM"

The Ranching Brunette podcast is my way of bringing knowledge and inspiration to others on the same journey as me, with a common goal in mind: Get America Ranching Again. When starting out in this industry, it can be overwhelming and hard to gain insight, as well as, find first hand knowledge while building your own legacy. It's a tough industry as it is and even tougher when you are not born into a multi generational operation. Here, I strive to bring you in depth interviews with these established ranchers, innovative Ag companies, as well as other first generation ranchers who are succeeding, to create a supportive community of encouragement, education and insight for us beginners in the beef industry. Whether you listen to get a good laugh at me or to learn with me, either way I promise it to be entertaining!

-Loagan Robinson
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